Venerable Dutch University reinstates Trump honorary doctorate


In its January 2017 board meeting Universiteit Doesburg in the Netherlands has decided to reinstate the now president of the United States Donald J. Trump as bearer of an UNDO honorary doctorate. Board member Mr. W. Buurtman, Dr.H.C. (Em. Prof.) called for the measure in the light of recent political developments.

In December 2015 the UNDO board revoked the honorary doctorate in imitation of its sister Alma Mater, the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, on grounds that were widely acknowledged as doubtful at the time. Mr. Buurtman successfully pleaded his cause for reinstating Mr Trump’s honorary doctorate before the UNDO board, arguing that ‘new political realities call for new reasoning’ and that ‘this board has countermanded clear errors of judgment before.’

The UNDO board agreed on reinstating President Trump’s honorary doctorate with a vote of 13 to 2. Universiteit Doesburg plans to (re)open in the fall of 2018, and will reportedly be undertaking efforts to invite President Trump.